New Legislation on Vaccine Requirements

New Legislation on Vaccine Requirements

New York State Center for School Health Information

As of 6/13/19, public health law was revised and no longer permits a religious exemption

to the requirement that children be immunized against measles and other diseases to

attend either public, private or parochial school (for students in preK-12th grade), or 

´╗┐child day care settings.

On 6/14/19, The NYS Education Department, the NYS Department of Health and Office of Children and Family Services released a memo to schools with information; and on 6/18/19 released FAQs regarding the new law. It can be viewed on the NYSED website.

New FAQs will be released in the future. These and other additional information will be shared on the NYSCSH and NYSED websites and through the NYSCSH email system.

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