Join the Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Join Our Strategic Planning Steering Committee!
Posted on 04/15/2024

Shape the Future of Mount Sinai Schools: Join Our Strategic Planning Steering Committee!


We are excited to embark on a transformative journey over the next five years, aimed at crafting a strategic plan that will redefine the vision, mission, and goals of Mount Sinai Schools. Your unique insights and passion are vital as we pave the way towards a future where education meets innovation and community values merge seamlessly with academic excellence.


What We Aim to Achieve Together:

  • Envisioning the Future: Define the epitome of a Mount Sinai Graduate.
  • Mission Alignment: Forge a unified mission that guides our students towards excellence.
  • Core Values and Beliefs: Establish the foundational principles that will steer our district.
  • Identifying Critical Issues: Analyze both internal and external data to address current and future challenges.
  • Societal and Workforce Changes: Adapt our educational strategies to prepare students for real-world success.
  • Goal Setting: Outline clear, actionable goals that propel us forward.
  • Strategic Action Plans: Develop specific strategies with measurable outcomes and timelines.

Join Us: We are seeking enthusiastic volunteers who are committed to shaping the educational landscape in Mount Sinai. This is your opportunity to make a lasting impact!

Meeting Details:

Dates: May 16th, May 29th, June 12th

Time: 4 PM to 6 PM

Location: Meetings will be held in person, with adjustments to accommodate committee preferences.

Commitment: As a steering committee member, your presence at all meetings is crucial due to the importance of continuity and collaboration in our planning process.

Can't Make It? Don't worry! There are also opportunities to contribute on specialized subcommittees focusing on particular areas of interest.

Join the Movement: Your involvement will help ensure that Mount Sinai School District not only dreams big but also achieves big. Thank you for considering this opportunity to contribute to our community's future.

Express Your Interest: Please use this form to indicate your interest in joining the steering committee or a subcommittee.