Important Message from the Board of Education

Important Message from the Board of Education

A Statement from the Mount Sinai Board of Education.

Questions have arisen regarding the Board’s lack of comment regarding emails and submissions from the Community.  The Board is not permitted to offer individual commentary or responses on a matter that will require a Board vote.  Decisions      regarding a school re-opening plan requires a Board vote, in a public meeting, with preferably all Board members participating. The Board shall not take action or offer comment prior to a Board meeting. 


It is essential, particularly regarding a School Re-Opening plan, that all Board members be present and available to participate and ultimately vote.  As such, due to scheduling conflicts with some of the Board members, the Board meeting scheduled for August 24 will be postponed to Monday, August 30,2021.  It is important to recognize that the Board is comprised of an odd number of trustees.  It is constituted in that way to avoid indecision created by tie vote. We feel that all Board members must be present for our Board meeting on this important issue of School Re-opening since we intend to vote all potential options.  


We have developed, from the comments and submissions offered by the community, public health official guidance documents, articles submitted by community members, three (3) re-opening plans and mask use in our buildings.  We will vote on the re-opening plans based on these three (3) options on August 30, 2021, absent any further mandates, directives or orders. 


We have appreciated those who have shared their thoughts in a positive manner  regarding their concerns with student health. It has helped shape our contemplation of these important issues.  This is an important issue for our community and we take it very seriously.  We, as a Board, however, also expect all to participate in this discourse in a respectful and civil manner.  All have a right to their opinion, but we should also accept that we may not agree with each other’s opinion.  We are, however, a community and should be respectful and tolerant of differing opinions.  The Board has taken all of the comments offered by the community on our re-opening into account in our efforts to develop a Board position that can be presented for a vote at our next public meeting.  We would encourage you all, regardless of your position on the topic, to attend the meeting.