Community Survey

Community Survey
Posted on 12/15/2023

Your Voice Matters: Join Our Strategic Planning Survey!

We value the perspectives of everyone in our school district, and we're reaching out to ask for just 10-15 minutes of your time to participate in an important survey. This is a key step in our strategic planning process, and your feedback is crucial.

Whether you're a parent of a student at Mount Sinai Schools or a resident of the Mount Sinai community without children in our schools, your insights will guide our future initiatives. By sharing your thoughts, you help ensure our actions align with the needs and aspirations of our school community.

How to Participate:

Parents: If your child attends Mount Sinai Schools, please fill out the Parent Survey:

Community Members: If you're a resident of Mount Sinai without children in our schools, your perspective is equally valuable. Please complete the Community Survey:

The survey is available until January 5, 2024. For those who prefer a physical copy, you can obtain one by contacting the district office at 631-870-2550.

Rest assured, your responses will be kept completely anonymous. We encourage candid and honest feedback. This process is vital to our mission of continually improving and focusing on the needs of our students and the broader school community.

Thank you for your invaluable contribution to shaping the future of Mount Sinai Schools. Your time and participation are deeply appreciated.