Literacy Continuum

Literacy Continuum


The Literacy Continuum was created by our administrators and teachers to illustrate the objectives and commonly used reading selections for each grade level, K-12. Teachers may bring in personal favorite selections on occasion, however, the titles that are listed are the most commonly read selections in the appropriate grade level.

Should a parent have a question or concern about a selection that their child is reading in class, they should immediately contact the teacher to discuss the relevance and purpose of that particular selection. Following this discussion, if the parent’s concern continues to exist, an alternative reading selection will be recommended. The next step for the parent, if their concern has not been adequately remedied, is to meet with the building principal. A district Reading Committee has been formed to serve as a third step in the process to hear a parent’s concern. The committee is comprised of teachers and building administrators, as well as the Superintendent. Although this is a three-step process, we anticipate that most concerns will most likely be rectified following a meeting with the child’s teacher.

Simply click on your child’s grade level to see the NYS Standards that apply and the reading list. The narratives that are contained on each book list page are taken directly from They are the NYS Next Generation English Language Standards for English Language Arts. These are the Standards that are being addressed in Reading and Writing throughout grades k-12.

Part two of the Literacy Continuum, Writing, will be posted the week on November 28, 2022.

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