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As needed, the Nurses will include in this site periodic seasonal updates to keep you current on the activities and concerns of the District Health Service.

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As the school year is approaches it is time to think about returning to school.

The weather remains very warm for awhile. Please encourage your child to dress appropriately for the weather. Additionally, if your child will be outside they should apply sunscreen SPF 30 or higher prior to coming to school. Remind students to stay hydrated.

Please be sure to complete the blue emergency contact card (front and back) and return to the health office as soon as possible as your child will only be released to the people who are named on the emergency contact card. Please remember to update these cards as necessary throughout the school year.

If your child requires medication at school please the note the medication laws on this website:
Have the medical form completed and bring to the health office with your child’s medication.

Reminder for elementary parents: Only closed toed shoes are allowed on the playground.  No flip flops, sandals or shoes with heels.

For immunization and physical requirements please refer to the school nurse website:

Students who plan to participate in interscholastic sports during the 2016-2017 school year must have a Sports Physical Examination

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